Web Gateway

Our Virtual Terminal, shopping cart, and product catalog are pre-integrated tools that allow merchants to immediately process secure payments. Smaller merchants also benefit from these tools in that they speed the development of powerful customized eCommerce applications and give websites a professional appearance.

Software companies, larger merchants with complex product lines, and ISPs may choose to use our API to integrate directly with their Gateway. Radius provides technical advice and documentation, e.g., integration information, guides, and toolkits for the Virtual Terminal, Shopping Cart, and Gateway.

Virtual Terminal
The Virtual Terminal provides a secure, reliable and cost-effective system for authorizing and managing payment transactions over the internet.
  No Unnecessary Expense:
Internet processing for both credit card and check payments eliminate the need for multiple systems. In addition, mail and/or telephone order merchants need not incur the additional expense of purchasing equipment.
  Recurring Payments:
Recurring payments can be made from a customer's bank account or credit card.
  ACH/Electronic Checks:
ACH/Electronic check payments are entered at the time of purchase and funds are transferred in as little as 72 hours, all with lower processing rates than credit cards.
24/7 access to online payment processing and reporting. Plus, Virtual Terminal has now been integrated with several accounting packages, creating an ideal solution for small businesses with electronic processing needs.
Card Processing
A one-stop merchant services solution! Whether retail, internet or home-based, Radius Financial will help you build a customized payment processing solution.
POS Equipment
We have an extensive inventory of both new and high-quality refurbished equipment at competitive prices from the industry's leading manufacturers.
Payment Gateway
Our Virtual Terminal, shopping cart and product catalog are pre-integrated tools that merchants can use easily and immediately to process payments securely and efficiently.