Our Approach
Radius uses a consultative approach, combined with proprietary analytical tools, to increase revenues, lower costs, and enhance efficiency for clients. In addition to assisting in the selection of our clients’ processing solution to meet their specific needs, close attention is paid to driving down the total processing expense.
To deliver superior value to our clients, we take a multifaceted approach:
  • CARD TYPE Credit, Debit, Rewards, Gift, etc.
  • ENVIRONMENT, the manner in which cards are accepted Swiped, Keyed, Internet
  • MARGIN COMPRESSION, mark up over the actual costs per transaction Bundled, Per Item, Percentage Rate, etc.
  • TECHONOLOGY Software, Hardware
  • POLICY AND PROCEDURE, the manner in which individual transactions are processed Data collected at point of sale, Batching out in time, Performing the AVS function, etc.

Exactly how much are you paying your current provider in hidden fees? We are so confident in our ability to deliver meaningful results that we offer a free, no-obligation merchant processing analysis. In revealing the truth about your processing expense, we will include actual costs, mark-up, as well as our recommendations. As we have a full-disclosure policy and practice complete transparency, we will expect that our potential clients do not use this analysis to drive down costs with their incumbent provider.